30 days: volume 1


March, 2013. Friends have been reduced to avatars on social networks, or gone completely off the radar. Millions of photos are posted online every day, but nothing lasts, we just like and move on …

With such thoughts rattling around in the back of my mind, I got in touch with a few old friends and asked them to snap a photo a day for 30 days. I wanted us to do something together, and I wanted us to post the result in a book …

Now, everyone had their own motive for participating, but I think it would be safe to call 30 days: volume 1 something like a tentative attempt by a small circle of friends to break out of whatever bubble he or she was in at the start of the project.

And for whatever it’s worth, a seed has been planted.

Format: 172 x 116 mm
Omfång: 208 sidor
Bindning: Inbunden
Färger, omslag: Fyrfärg
Färger, inlaga: Fyrfärg
ISBN: 978-91-637-2647-7
Förlag: TZW Produktion
År: 2013