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Samlingsvolym med ”Synthare!” och ”Extrem!” i engelsk översättning. Förord av Johan Norberg.

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The year is 1985. Tomas is 13 years old and in search of his own identity. When he gets hooked on the new electronic music playing on the radio, he decides to become a “synthare”. A true synth-kid.

With his best friend Gunnarsson and girlfriend Emma he’s drawn deep into a subculture which will shape his life and follow him into adulthood …

Synth-kids! is a coming-of-age story about teenage love and friendship, as well as an impressive documentation of a unique subculture – the Swedish synth-kids of the 1980s.

”… paints an accurate and heartfelt portrait of a subculture through 50 comic strips and Westberg’s own photos. More than 200 songs, artists and albums are mentioned, from Kraftwerk to Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb, with a complete playlist included. We strongly advise you order a copy now …”
– Electronic Sound Magazine

”… tons and tons of footnotes, tons and tons of pictures and other things, to sort of inhance the narrative and show you what all of the cartooning is referring to specifically … that was just such an intoxicating experience for me because I felt like, man, I’ve just been inducted into a sub-culture that I didn’t really know existed, but which also at the same time seems so familiar and like home to me in so many ways …”
– We have a technical

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Format: 148 x 210 mm
Omfång: 256 sidor
Bindning: Limbunden
Färger, omslag: Fyrfärg
Färger, inlaga: Svart/vitt
ISBN: 978-91-987968-0-3
Förlag: TZW Produktion
År: 2022

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Dimensioner 148 × 210 × 21 mm